The Emergence of Biosimilars

At Juno, our goal is twofold: increase patient access to high quality, lifesaving medicines and increase value within the Australian healthcare system.

Biosimilars and interchangeable biologic products present an opportunity to patients, healthcare professionals and the government, by providing increased patient access to therapies, whilst helping maintain the long-term viability and financial sustainability of the Australian and New Zealand healthcare systems.

We believe that we have the right expertise and strategies to effectively partner with biologic developers whose brands are reaching their patent expiry, plus biosimilar developers with plans to launch in Australia and New Zealand.


The European Experience

Europe is leading the way in the registration, launch and uptake of biologic medicines, and as a result, many Australian guidelines have been developed based on the European experience. Biosimilar medicines have been supplied within Europe for over a decade, and since 2006, EU-approved biosimilar medicines have generated more than 700 million patient days of safe clinical experience1.

The past decade has also generated a wealth of real-world clinical evidence, highlighting the benefits biosimilar medicines offer to patients and healthcare systems. One such example is the case of filgrastim, where patient access rose by 44% between 2006 and 2013 following the launch of the biosimilar2.